COVID-19 The new normal

After 3 months of lockdown, we are incredibly fortunate to be in the position to re-open. Many small, independent businesses haven't been so lucky.

With that in mind, and along with the governments "guidelines" we have made a few changes. For many of you who know us well, they might take a bit of getting used to. Our new booking system not only protects you but our small team behind the scenes. Please be patient and understanding as we navigate "the new normal".

So how's about a little Q&A....

Do I have to book?
Yes please, online at - at the moment we can no longer accept "walk ins".

Why do I have to book, I just want a coffee and a quick snack?
Current guidelines "suggest" visitors book to limit the amount of people in a space at any one time. When you book online you will be asked for an email address and mobile telephone number in the hopefully unlikely event we need to contact you. Please note we can only take bookings for up to 6 people.

You have plenty of tables outside, can't I just sit outside?
Yes of course! However we still need you to book a table so we can ensure numbers aren't too high. Tables are usually reserved for those who have already booked, so we may not be able to seat you if you haven't booked in advance.

You've got empty tables, can I sit on one of those?
Hmmm, remember social distancing? We have had to reduce the number of available tables. If we can seat you safely, we will do, however this won't always be possible. Please remember most of tables will have already been reserved.

Can I sit inside?
Now that we are using a booking system, you can specify if you would like to sit in or out, however as we are reliant on the good old British weather, we cannot guarantee this. We will try our best to accommodate your requests.

What changes have you made?

The most obvious is our new booking system, a fanfare and round of applause on arrival (only for those who have booked!). Our new hands free menus - scan our QR code for a downloadable menu. Table service inside only. If sitting outside, please order at the door. We are also working with a reduced menu which changes regularly. We have reduced the number of staff working due to social distancing, please be patient with us.

I don't want to be tracked or traced!
No, nor do we! We aren't using the governments controversial Track & Trace app or any other for that matter. We keep your details for 21 days and then delete them. We won't bombard you with marketing emails or text messages either.

These are certainly challenging and difficult times for us all (we sound like a broken record) but we would ask you to be patient as we try our best to work with the current guidelines.

We know that after months of lockdown you want to get back to normal and have an impromptu coffee or lunch with much missed family and friends. Please do your bit by following our "new normal".

We look forward to seeing you all! (in small numbers, remembering social distancing etc etc etc.....)